PatSeers offers the full-service Advertising Services founded by Dato Badlisyah Abdul Ghani & Pat Seers.
 In fact, we are continually venturing into new fields and developing expertise in the most state of the art areas like media technology and Big Data Advertising. However, the biggest differentiating and (for us) the most important fact about PatSeers is that we are - PROUDLY - A Shariah Compliant Agency.

Our Shariah Compliance Policy has been established under the guidance of the Shariah Yassar Advisory.
For the Islamic banking sector, launching Islamic products requires that two factors are considered. 
First, how to promote these products in compliance with the ethical gauges of the Holy Quran, Sunnah, Ijma, and Qias. Second, keeping pace with the Shariah, the incentive the product provides to attract potential customers needs to be more focused and innovative compared to the conventional system. PatSeers is equipped to provide strategies and  Islamic advertising and promotional campaigns to be more sound and effective. There is significant growth of Muslim consumers who have considerable purchasing power around the world in countries such as Egypt, Iran, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. Among the ten biggest emerging markets targeted by the USA, two are Muslim nations (Turkey, Indonesia) and the other two have substantial Muslim minorities(India and South Africa). 

Muslim consumers are increasing in other developed countries. 
In the USA, Islam is the fastest growing religion with estimates of a Muslim population ranging from six to eight million. As a result, different non-Muslim owned businesses like Mr Wimpy, Burger King, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Hardees, and Dairy Queen have been trying to build a Shariah image of “halal products” through their advertising campaigns and legal activities. Marketers or the advertising producers in the Muslim world would benefit by gaining an understanding of Muslim values. In such a context, the most potential and contemporary issues in Islamic Banking and Takaful products should be carefully introduced, developed, and offered through appropriate advertising and communication messages which meet the commitment of ethics as guided in the Islamic Shariah. It is being increasingly recognized that advertising practices need to incorporate appropriate ethical standards. The Islamic Shariah, with its detailed ethical guides, can play an important role in that regard. According to Muslims, the Holy Quran is recognized as the complete code of life in which God provided complete ethical guidelines. A follower of Islam needs to adhere to the Shariah principles, commits to the Islamic lifestyle, and refrains from committing sins as outlined in the Shariah, including sins against oneself or society. For example, for Islamic advertisements to be Shariah-compliant they must reflect true and fair communication to the public and that all facts about the product are disclosed. Advertisers must not resort to any form of deception to promote their products. To implement this, practitioners of Islamic advertisements need to convert the Islamic ethical guides and codes into precise screening steps that ensure advertising campaigns adhere to the Shariah principles.

Islamic banking, economics, and finance are engaged in efforts to establish an independent Islamic economic system where all aspects are Shariah compliant. Banking and finance have received considerable attention over the past 30 years while Islamic marketing has been so far neglected. 
The development of the Islamic economic system will be significantly hindered unless immediate and due attention is given to Islamic marketing. This study aimed to fill part of that gap through addressing one of the components of Islamic marketing, i.e. advertising from an Islamic perspective. 
It is exploratory in nature and provides insights into the status of advertising as practised by major Islamic banks and Takaful companies in Malaysia.

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